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Posted by Soldjermon - January 12th, 2016

Since I haven't posted much here in a while, just letting you know that I'm going to start streaming. :3


Twitch channel - http://www.twitch.tv/soldjermon
Hitbox channel - http://www.hitbox.tv/Soldjermon
Beam.pro channel - https://beam.pro/Soldjermon
Picarto.tv channel - https://picarto.tv/Soldjermon

Okay, having to stream four places at once is a little rediculous, yes I know... But! The thing is, I do it in case if one of the streaming places are blocked or can't load for some.

But anyway, see you there! If you like.


- Soldjermon

Posted by Soldjermon - October 9th, 2015

*sweat drops* Well, finally gotten all of the arts that are actually worthy enough(in my opinion) to put up publically in the art portal.

At least I don't have-to worry anymore. ^^;


Also, I'm sensing that a particular question is going to come up real soon, "Why are you making all of your artwork based off of Battleblock Theater?! Why don't you make something else that you're passionate about?"

Well the thing is, it's what I like drawing mostly, and have been a BIG fan of BBT since it came out on steam(Thanks, Behemoth/Newgrounds founders!); though I mostly focus on the characters themselves and not the official storylines.

Without the game nor developers who made the game, I don't think I would have gotten back into making creativity works(since I had been in hiatus for 3 years straight prior); which would have been really sad... D: So, I'm really thankful that they've inspired me to make creative works again.

Thanks for understanding! ^^;; And hope to do some more arts soon!


- Soldjermon

Posted by Soldjermon - October 7th, 2015

I know that having a flood of my own art pieces just suddenly decide to show up there out of the blue...

It's just that I'm trying to upload some of the art pieces(at least that I think is best) from my tumblr to here.


I'll make sure that some of the art pieces won't be in the portal if they don't need to be, or not upload them here at all.

Just please, bare with me, I'll get to the end and catch up really soon!


- Soldjermon

Posted by Soldjermon - October 6th, 2015

Since I've been on tumblr since July of Last year(2014), have been registered here for 6 years and never done anything at this place... I think it's time to get this account a little more active and posting up some my old works I've been posting onto tumblr.


Though, I have so much artwork on my tumblr, I can't post them all.

So until I post up what I think is the best out of all the art pieces I've done and caught up to the present time, I might go back a post some of the other arts that isn't really that great to begin with.

Though, I'll stick with the best ones I've done. ;3

One last thing, the dates on the art pieces is when I've finished them. >3>; Just to let you know!


Hope to be around a little more often! ^w^


- Soldjermon